Saydam Apart Hotel

Co-designed by the world-renowned architectural designer, our Saydam Apart Hotel offer top views of the nearby Hills. Thanks for our investor Saydam, who had desires to own an apart hotel to serve his family and the public.


The Saydam Apart Hotel project presented the challenge of accommodating 56 hotel rooms, an inner garden, and restaurant facilities, while also providing versatile spaces for public use. Our task was to devise sustainable solutions to ensure eco-friendly energy sources for both hot and cold water throughout the premises.

Our Solution:

Given the hotel's seaside location, we had the opportunity to implement a deep water cooling and heating system. This system utilizes a long water pipe that extends into the sea and returns to the hotel's water system, providing instant hot and cold water from the taps. This innovative solution ensured a sustainable and efficient energy source, enhancing the overall functionality and eco-friendliness of the Saydam Apart Hotel.

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